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In Memory…
May 27, 2012

It’s Memorial week-end. We went to Ida Grove yesterday to leave a memorial on my parents and grandparents graves. We’ll do the same for Ken’s parents and Brian tomorrow. Sunnybrook Church had a special recognition this morning, as I’m sure many other churches did, for those who have lost their lives in the service of our country and those still living who are or have served.

This past week, I was stunned to learn that an old friend had passed away in her sleep. Oddly enough, she was planning on leaving on vacation the next day. She was packed and ready to go. She just didn’t realize where she was actually going. At her memorial service, it was pointed out how much Jill loved the ocean. That makes two of us. In fact, the ocean is to be Jill’s final resting place.

In less than two weeks, on June 8, we will be gathering to celebrate life and love in Bodega Bay…in a beautiful vacation home overlooking the ocean. I will stand beside the sea and I will remember Jill. In fact, the vastness of the ocean and its beauty and majesty, have a way of invoking lots of memories and emotions that lay dormant during the normal hustle and bustle of life. I will remember many who have gone before me and feel humbled by the mystery of life.

We never forget those in our lives who have passed away but certain times, like Memorial Day, trips to the ocean, etc. trigger those memories and bring them to the surface. So, I just wanted to take a moment this Memorial week-end to publicly remember John, Jeannette, Agnes, Harold, Jill and the many, many others in our lives who have gone before us. We love you. R.I.P.

Happy Memorial Day all.


Happy Birthday!
February 12, 2012

Happy birthday, Dad. 2-12-12…you would have been 90 years old today if esophageal cancer hadn’t robbed you of your Golden Years. It was nearly 17 years ago, now. Hard to believe. Thanks to cancer, you and all of us have missed so much that you should have been a part of. You have great grandchildren you never met. You have missed graduations. You have missed weddings. You have not been able to share in our triumphs and tragedies.

You were such a patriot, I know you would have been thrilled with the WW II Memorial. You would have been even more moved if you had gotten the opportunity to see it…and we would have made certain that you did. And, you know what…your oldest great grandson is investigating the naval nuclear program. He graduates from high school in May and could possibly follow your footsteps into the navy.

You never owned a computer and, for sure, never experienced the Internet. Yet today, I googled your name and pulled up an actual photo of your gravestone.

Even more surprising, I googled your name and pulled up a copy of your father’s obituary from 1926.

You would be shocked. The world has changed so much in the past 17 years. But, life goes on. Your first-born grandchild, Jennifer, born on your birthday is, of course,  celebrating today and your first-born great granddaughter, Keisha, is celebrating her birthday today as well…two days early. She will be 14 on the 14th.

I really, really wish you had not had to experience cancer. I wish you had not had to go through the tremendously debilitating chemo and radiation treatments that you did. But, I think that experiencing it with you helped me when I had to go through it. And now, we are working to do everything we can to assist in the efforts to wipe out cancer. We give of our time, our talents and our financial resources to help educate others about the disease, to help others to get through it and to assist in the fundraising efforts required to make a world without cancer a reality. Yesterday, we spent the day working at an educational symposium dealing with breast cancer. It was awesome, Dad. So many people volunteering their time to help educate people about the various aspects of cancer, from detection to available resources to treatments and research. Soon, it will be time, once again, for the Race For the Cure. I’m sure that we will participate in that as well.  We want to end this madness that has stalked our family and so many others for so long. Grandma, Paula, Gertrude, Mom, you, Trudy, Kathy, Gene, Rich and now me. There will be an end to it someday, Dad. Unfortunately, not in time for you and probably not in time for me. But, hopefully in time for the younger generations coming up.

I’m sad that you are not here to celebrate this milestone birthday. But, on this day, we celebrate you and the life you gave to all of us. Happy birthday, John B. Williams…1922-1995.


Another Light Goes Out
October 6, 2011

It’s all over the news. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has succumbed to cancer. Another light has gone out, thanks to cancer. It just goes to show that cancer does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are as famous as Michael Douglas, as athletic as Lance Armstrong, as talented as Sheryl Crow or as brilliant as Steve Jobs. It doesn’t matter if you are Jeannette Williams, John Williams, or Cathy Williams Stueve. Cancer doesn’t care.

Cancer is rampant. It seems like that fact comes home to us nearly every day. We all face the possibility of being touched by cancer, either ourselves or through someone we care about. To me, this means two things. We have to do whatever is within our means to help fight the battle against cancer. And, we have to take to heart the advice of Steve Jobs.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. ” Sobering, don’t you think. Hopefully most of us have come to terms with this without hearing it from Steve Jobs. But, what if we haven’t. Look inward. Dig deep. We are all here for a reason and it is up to us to discover what our purpose is and make sure that we are fulfilling it. We’re certainly not all going to have a shot at revolutionizing the technology of the world. But, thankfully, we don’t have to. Each part of the body has its own job to do. Likewise do we.

RIP, Steve Jobs.


Laughing in Heaven
September 28, 2011

Several times over the past week or so, I have made reference to a friend who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. We’ve just learned that he passed away this afternoon.

I HATE cancer!! I know there are many other diseases that affect people’s lives, but why does it seem that every time I turn around, someone I know…someone I care about…finds out that they have cancer. Cancer hurts. Cancer kills. Cancer takes the lives of people in their prime…even the lives of children who have not even reached their prime. What is it going to take to find a cure for cancer?

What a good person he was. What a great guy! And, what a sense of humor…a bit warped, at times, but he so loved to make others laugh. I understand about him being “in a better place”. I get that. But that doesn’t take away the pain that his absence leaves in this place. The frailty of life just jumps up and slaps you in the face at times like these.

I HATE cancer…not just for myself but for all of the others out there who have been and are currently affected by it. I encourage every one of you reading this post tonight to hug the one you’re with. Treasure your life and the lives of your loved ones. There is not one of us who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I HATE cancer!! But, I am able to smile through it, thinking about all of the people in heaven who are listening to my friend tonight and rolling in the aisles. RIP, Steve. And God bless all of those you have left behind.