The Summer of My “Content”

It will soon be three years since my cancer diagnosis and this summer is the first, in that time, that I have been able to go for more than a month with no medical appointments, no diagnostic procedures, and without walking through the doors of the Cancer Center. When I found out, in May, that I would not have to come back until September, I was ecstatic. Ken and I vowed to start living again…to do things we had not been taking time to do, things we had put on hold, things we had simply been overlooking.

Of course, the big one was our trip to Bodega Bay. That was awesome. But small things can be just as awesome in their own way, as we are finding out. During the time I was in treatment we virtually stopped eating out. This summer we have made it a point to start visiting some of the many restaurants that have opened up during that time and what a treat that has been. We actually went to a movie the other day…at a THEATER, not Netflix. We plan to do more of that. We experienced our first three on three basketball tournament last week-end. Well, my first, anyway.

On the way home from the tournament, we drove past the Cancer Center. I made the comment that even though I was not in treatment last summer, I still felt that my life revolved around cancer because I was very much an active patient still. This summer, I’m not. And I realized that the experience is finally starting to fade into the background of my life. I am finally beginning to feel disconnected from the Cancer Center.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Summer is flying by. Tonight we kind of pretended we were still in California and went out to Wine Styles to select some nice summer wines. Now we’re preparing to grill some turkey burgers to enjoy with fresh garden tomatoes and some sweet potato fries…a simple thing to do but so enjoyable. And I realized tonight that this truly is The Summer of My DisContent.

Happy 4th of July everyone.


3 Responses

  1. LOVE THIS!!! How could anybody not! I hope you have the world’s most carefree summer. 🙂

  2. OMG. How could I have forgotten to add that we ordered a gas fireplace insert today. We have talked about this for years but Ken finally bit the bullet today and did it. Can’t wait.

  3. Just realized that I broke 10,000 view on this, my second blog today. Humbled.

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