Freshman Year

So, I officially became a card carrying Medicare recipient the first of this month. But, today, I guess I officially join the ranks of those referred to as elderly…according to the dictionary definition, anyway. For some reason that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But here is the truth in how I feel about that.

I think elderly is a term coined by young people to describe how they see those with more life experience than they. I get it that young people often look at those in my age group and see them as old. I especially feel like I am more physically a part of that group since my cancer experience accelerated the physically aging process. However…

I think the point at which someone becomes elderly should reflect the way they see themselves. Some, at my age, feel old, act old, dress old, etc. That’s not me. I still feel youthful. Granted, I have to fight some aches and pains most days, but that will disappear once I no longer have to take the medication that I am currently taking. It’s not old age.

Ken, this morning, said I have now entered my freshman year at Elderversity. And, in a strange way, I like that. The term freshman puts a more youthful spin on things.  And, that is, as I said, still how I see myself. So, I will go through my day today thinking of myself as a freshman…not as elderly. And, no matter how you look at it, I am happy to celebrate this day.


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  1. Happy Birthday… I’m sure you know that admission to Elderuniversity isn’t an easy road. The twists and turns in the road are many. The shadows from the trees sometimes overpower the light from the sun – BUT – when one achieves that point in life it’s time to CELEBRATE – not only where you’ve been or how hard the journey has been – but also CELEBRATE all that is to come. I hope you have a wonderful & happy day !

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