I woke up this morning and decided to pretend that today is my birthday. Why? When my birthday actually rolls around next week, I will be in Sioux City, IA, working. Today, I am spending our last full day amidst the beauty of nature in Bodega Bay, CA. Seems like a better day for a birthday to me.

I started the day with Ken, soaking up some sun on the deck off of our bedroom. Then we all got ready and caravanned to Armstrong Park, in Guernneville, for a picnic amidst the redwoods. Fresh fruit, cheese and champagne sipped from a red solo cup. That could be a song. 🙂

Back at the house now, the “kids” are all pulling fresh crab meat from the shell to make crab cakes and fresh veggies for dinner tonight. AHHH…yes…this is the way to spend a birthday.

Tomorrow we will unfortunately say goodbye to the sea and take to the air to return home. But we’ll all take with us, loads of memories in our heads and our hearts. Plus lots of photos. For now, we’ll enjoy what’s left of our week and my pretend birthday. And, some day, God willing, we’ll return once again to the sea.


2 Responses

  1. Well then, happy birthday! I like your style!

  2. I’ll echo that last response – sounds like you really know how to celebrate. Hope you had a very happy birthday …

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