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February 25, 2012

OK. Here it is. My report on Cancer Center, 2/24. MAN…were they backed up. I got there at 11. When I FINALLY got called to the back it was nearly 2:00. The nurse told me that I was the last patient of the MORNING. When they finished with me they would start on the afternoon patients. Life at the Cancer Center.

Other than that, almost everything went well. For the first time ever, I had no low counts on my lab report. My xrays came back clear. The exam went well. Just one problem…

-3 pounds since my last visit. Dr. D. really, really feels that I should go to the Mayo Clinic. We talked for quite awhile and he asked me to go home and discuss it with Ken. I have to go back in 6 weeks to check my weight.

Darn Schleprock!


Prayers, Please!!
February 21, 2012

Nearly 1.5 million people annually are diagnosed with breast cancer. Today I am adding just a short post to ask you to join me in prayers for Pam, who today was diagnosed with the same type and aggressiveness of cancer that I was. I don’t know Pam well, but I like her a lot and she is an important person in the lives of some people who are important to me.

Pam – I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight as you begin the process of digesting all of this. The thoughts and prayers of MANY are with you tonight. And, I want you to comfort yourself with the knowledge that, as impossible as it seems, there is eventually going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, get ready to Fight Like a Girl!! I’m here for you.

Good luck, Pam.


Since my music player doesn’t seem to want to work, here is a link to the song.  Great, great song. The inspiration for my original blog.

February 19, 2012


To carry heavy burdens. One who is said to be unlucky or extremely unfortunate. Also formerly a character on the popular cartoon “The Flintstones.”

Just sitting around in the quiet house this afternoon ( Ken is working on music with friends ) and thinking about the week ahead. I find myself doing this every week – checking my upcoming calendar for medical appointments. If there are none, I can smile..otherwise, I sigh.  Of late, I have been smiling a lot…no appointments for several weeks in a row. But, luck has run out. Friday, I have a full monty Cancer Center appointment…x-rays, labs, nursing eval, full exam with the doctor.

So, now I feel like I will be going through the week with this rain cloud following me…just like this Schleprock guy. I guess his nickname is bad luck…I don’t really feel like I have bad luck, though it has been more than a year since I started hoping that every appointment would be my last on the cancer patient schedule and the first on the cancer survivor schedule which, I believe, starts out at every three months. A year is a long time to keep missing the mark on that so, in that regard, I guess I could consider myself a schleprock. But, I don’t really feel like one…except for that darn hovering rain cloud now.

I feel good, so fully expect things to go well. Yet…you never know. In the meantime I will work on dodging rain drops from now until Friday.


Happy Birthday!
February 12, 2012

Happy birthday, Dad. 2-12-12…you would have been 90 years old today if esophageal cancer hadn’t robbed you of your Golden Years. It was nearly 17 years ago, now. Hard to believe. Thanks to cancer, you and all of us have missed so much that you should have been a part of. You have great grandchildren you never met. You have missed graduations. You have missed weddings. You have not been able to share in our triumphs and tragedies.

You were such a patriot, I know you would have been thrilled with the WW II Memorial. You would have been even more moved if you had gotten the opportunity to see it…and we would have made certain that you did. And, you know what…your oldest great grandson is investigating the naval nuclear program. He graduates from high school in May and could possibly follow your footsteps into the navy.

You never owned a computer and, for sure, never experienced the Internet. Yet today, I googled your name and pulled up an actual photo of your gravestone.

Even more surprising, I googled your name and pulled up a copy of your father’s obituary from 1926.

You would be shocked. The world has changed so much in the past 17 years. But, life goes on. Your first-born grandchild, Jennifer, born on your birthday is, of course,  celebrating today and your first-born great granddaughter, Keisha, is celebrating her birthday today as well…two days early. She will be 14 on the 14th.

I really, really wish you had not had to experience cancer. I wish you had not had to go through the tremendously debilitating chemo and radiation treatments that you did. But, I think that experiencing it with you helped me when I had to go through it. And now, we are working to do everything we can to assist in the efforts to wipe out cancer. We give of our time, our talents and our financial resources to help educate others about the disease, to help others to get through it and to assist in the fundraising efforts required to make a world without cancer a reality. Yesterday, we spent the day working at an educational symposium dealing with breast cancer. It was awesome, Dad. So many people volunteering their time to help educate people about the various aspects of cancer, from detection to available resources to treatments and research. Soon, it will be time, once again, for the Race For the Cure. I’m sure that we will participate in that as well.  We want to end this madness that has stalked our family and so many others for so long. Grandma, Paula, Gertrude, Mom, you, Trudy, Kathy, Gene, Rich and now me. There will be an end to it someday, Dad. Unfortunately, not in time for you and probably not in time for me. But, hopefully in time for the younger generations coming up.

I’m sad that you are not here to celebrate this milestone birthday. But, on this day, we celebrate you and the life you gave to all of us. Happy birthday, John B. Williams…1922-1995.


February 5, 2012

My…how time flies. It occurred to me tonight that I posted during last year’s Super Bowl as well, so I went back and checked it out and sure enough…

So, the Super Bowl is on at our house once again, duh…and I’m halfway listening but not paying attention. What else is new. However, I did stop and watch the half time show. It was Madonna, who was popular back when at least a couple of our kids were growing up. Kelli was a little behind that era. Madonna put on a good performance, in my opinion, anyway. I enjoyed it. But, the thing I noticed is that, while the music was the same, you didn’t look at it and think 80’s. It had a younger, trendier look. It was good…but why do we always do that? We are OK with where we’ve been but we tend to deny where we are. Over the years, I have heard so many people, when they hit milestone birthdays, express the opinion that they don’t want to think about it, don’t want to talk about it, don’t want to celebrate it. As for me, when I was approaching my 60th, I decided that I DID want to celebrate it. That was even BC…before cancer. I just thought that it seemed silly to try to deny your age. It’s just a number. And, I was glad that I was here and healthy and ended up having a BIG celebration on the northern California coast with family and friends. It was awesome.

This year, as I find myself staring 65 in the face, I am even more convinced that age is something to celebrate, not deny. Thanks to cancer, I probably look more my age now than I did at 60 but, whatever. I have sunk to rock bottom and struggled and made it through the tunnel and back to the summit. I don’t care what the number is. I celebrate who I am. I don’t just sing the same song…I admit where I am in the journey. Ken and I will also celebrate 42 years of marriage in April. And that is emphasis on CELEBRATE.

Life is a journey for all of us. The number increases by one with each year that goes by – for everybody. It’s silly to pretend otherwise. In the end, life is what you do with it…what you make of it.  I have learned to appreciate and to celebrate every day that I have. And I intend to continue doing just that. It’s liberating!

So, as I count down the days to my next Cancer Center follow-up, I am also beginning to plan my birthday celebration. Looking forward to both.